Physics USE 2022: Let's take apart the demo from FIPI


The USE in physics scares many graduates - both those who are easily given this science, and especially others who do not understand very well how to quickly find essay writer and in this article we will tell you what changes await us in the CMM in 2022 and why you should not be afraid of the exam.


What has changed?

This year the physics exam has been only slightly revised, especially in comparison with other subjects (for example, English or social studies). The authors of the CMM changed the tasks and slightly changed the structure and presentation and even that without any problems allows and the content remains the same.


The number of items has decreased from 32 to 30, however the number of items with an expanded answer has grown from 6 to 8, as in the 2021 CMM, due to which the maximum grade that can be obtained for the work in the primary system of assessment has risen to 54.


What does the physics CMM look like now?

The 2022 exam paper consists of two parts.


The test begins with questions about physical phenomena, where you must choose correct statements and relate the phenomena to devices and devices. It is noteworthy that the authors of the CMM did not specify exactly how many correct statements should be written in the answer, and also the devices/devices in the list indicated more than the processes to correlate them, which means that the graduates had a more difficult task.


This is followed by the usual past tasks - test questions on the topics and types specified in the codifier. By the way, there are no more questions on astrophysics in this year's USE, but it is still relevant for many so some graduates have another reason to rejoice!


Next are questions to determine the nature of the change in the value given in the test, followed by the second part, consisting of two qualitative problems and six computational problems. Numbers 27-29 are aimed at testing knowledge in molecular physics and electrodynamics, and item 30 - in mechanics.


It is worth paying attention to the fact that now in the tasks of the second part of the USE experts will want to see not only the solution of problems, but also the justification of all applied theorems and formulas - the final score for the completed task will depend on it.


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